Overseeding in East Tennessee
Hand planting grass seed for overseeding green lawn care

Overseeding in East Tennessee

Overseeding is a method of applying new seeds over your lawn for optimal growth; it’s a way to fill bare spots in your yard while enhancing the color. In East Tennessee, you’ll want to overseed your lawn a few times each year, in early spring and early fall. Overseeding in early spring will kickstart the process. When your lawn is overseeded correctly, you will reduce the fertilizer and water necessary to keep your lawn in peak condition throughout the year. From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, overseeding will create a greener and more lush yard. 

Depending on your yard, the grass or turf you use, and how hard the winter months hit you, you may either choose to overseed your entire lawn or simply fill in bare spots that need it. We will consider all of these factors when we come out and survey your lawn. Once we have researched and formulated our plan specifically for your yard, we will begin the process. There are a few steps involved in proper overseeding.

  1. Prepare your lawn. The first step in any lawn care project is to prepare it properly by removing weeds, sticks, branches, rocks, and other debris. You’ll then mow your lawn, likely for the first time this year. You’ll want to cut it short, two inches high at the longest, and ensure that your grass’s pH levels are around 7. The correct pH levels are the core to keeping a healthy lawn.
  2. Aerate your soil. Overseeding and aerating go hand in hand. In most cases, we will need to loosen the soil to aerate it before we can overseed. The aeration process is when we extract small amounts of soil in your lawn to allow more oxygen, water, and nutrients into your soil.  
  3. Plant the seed. This step is when overseeding occurs. After your soil is prepared, we will distribute the seeds across your entire lawn or in areas that need extra attention. 
  4. Fertilize. After we overseed your lawn, we’ll fertilize it to ensure it grows as healthy as possible throughout the year. 
  5. Water your lawn. While the new seeds sprout throughout your lawn, they must receive enough water. We recommend watering your lawn at least once daily (unless it rains) for the best results. Our irrigation systems can help control this so that you don’t have to. 

A healthy lawn contains a lot of prep work, but it is worth it – especially when you let the professionals at Rainscapes handle it for you! Overseeding is an essential first step of any healthy lawn, and it’s one that homeowners often overlook. Remember that a healthy summer lawn is made before the summer days. Contact us today to schedule your overseeding appointment and look at our lawn care packages to see how we can help year-round.

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