Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Services in Knoxville, TN

Landscaping is meant to be viewed 24/7, as it is an integral part of a home’s curb appeal.


Unfortunately, many landscapes are not viewed at night due to the lack of outdoor lighting. Rainscapes is pleased to provide landscape lighting and design services. Adding outside lighting to landscaping will not only enhance attractiveness and visibility, but it will also add safety and security benefits.

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Outdoor lighting with Rainscapes will help you enhance your curb appeal, while adding extra safety to your home! For more information or to schedule a free demonstration call (865) 981-4270, email, or visit

In addition to our fair prices, we also offer deferred interest and payment plans through our partnership with GreenSky. See various options and learn more on our Financing page.

Landscape Lighting-knoxville-irrigation-lawn-care-maryville-tn

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