Underwater Lighting

Underwater Lighting in Knoxville, TN

Add nighttime beauty to your water features!

Decorative ponds and fountains don’t need to disappear when the sun goes down.  Your dock can provide illumination and beauty at night too.  Extend the beauty of your water features all day long with underwater lighting by Rainscapes!

Rainscapes has been a leader in outdoor aesthetic lighting for years. Now, we have expanded our service to include underwater lighting for your ponds, fountains, and docks.

Typically, water and electricity don’t mix.  That’s why it’s important for your safety to have a professional, trained in the proper wiring of and equipment for underwater lighting, to illuminate your water features.

For the best effect and drama, light placement and style are key.  Let our experts bring your outdoor water landscaping to life, even in the dark, by designing beautiful underwater lighting for your ponds, fountains, and docks.

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Watch this video to see some of our stunning underwater lighting work for ponds and fountains.

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