Lawn Care Preparation in East Tennessee
Lawncare in East Tennessee

Lawn Care Preparation in East Tennessee

It is still cold in East Tennessee, but spring and summer feel far away. So here is your reminder to start preparing for the warmer seasons now! Timing is crucial for maintaining a beautiful lawn, and at Rainscapes, we know it can sneak up on you. That’s why we handle the work for you, regardless of when you sign up with us. 

The first steps to take for early lawn care preparations are fertilization and weed killer, and we handle this for you. There are a few steps we ask homeowners to take before we come out to fertilize and kill weeds in their yard. 

How to Prepare – Tips for Homeowners

Before we come out to perform our maintenance, we ask that you inspect your lawn. If you notice bald spots or weeds, please let us know. We do, of course, inspect your yard ourselves, but you know the ins and outs of your yard better than anyone, and we’d love to have an owner’s-eye view on everything.

While inspecting your yard, we recommend removing debris, such as leaves and branches. This allows the sun and air to hit the grass, giving it more life. It is essential to do this when the grass is completely dry, not to damage soggy grass in the middle of a sunny day.

Once the weather gets a bit warmer and you can spend more time outside, we suggest raking the matted areas of your lawn. When doing so, you’ll remove thatch areas; these are areas of your lawn that are covered in dead, dried grass. They are generally deep and thick, preventing new grass from growing in its place. When you remove the areas of thatch, you open your grass up to oxygen and sunlight, allowing for healthier grass to grow. 

Please keep in mind that these are helpful tips, not requirements! If you’d prefer that we handle any or all of the above, let us know and we will gladly start the process for you.

How Rainscapes Can Help 

Once these steps are complete, we will come out and fertilize your yard, which prepares it for better growth throughout the year. Then, we apply a pre-emergent weed killer to prevent weeds from popping out over the next few months. We do this in early spring when the weather is consistently between 65 and 70 degrees. 

We offer multiple packages for lawn care, all of which come with early and late spring fertilizer and weed killer. As we mentioned before, maintaining a beautiful lawn year-round is all about timing. During our initial visit, we will map out the dates we will be back for further treatment, and we will discuss any areas of concern you may have. As experts in East Tennessee climate, you can be confident that your yard is in the best hands. 

All of our technicians are licensed through the state and certified in helping you maintain or create a beautiful lawn. For questions about our lawn care packages, visit our website or call us. We’re happy to help you keep a beautiful yard all year long, enhancing the beauty and quality of your home.

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