Irrigation Services
smart home irrigation sprinkler system

Irrigation Services

A proper irrigation system can work wonders, especially in the East Tennessee heat. Our sprinkler systems help maintain, enhance, and preserve your landscaping investment.

Benefits of an Irrigation System

Many benefits come with a proper irrigation system. Take a look at the top three we believe make the most significant difference in your home, yard, and pocket.  

It can save you water and money.

Our well-designed irrigation systems apply the appropriate amount of water your landscape needs. Without an irrigation system, you would manually water your lawn and could overwater or forget to turn off the hose, causing wasted water and money. Our irrigation systems know how much water to use every day as our technicians help program the advanced WiFi smart controls that can be monitored from your phone, tablet, or computer at all times. If you need something changed, no problem! Our membership services include annual help. Additionally, our systems come with a rain sensor, meaning that they will not run when it’s raining outside. 

It will save you time.

On top of saving water and money, having a professionally installed irrigation system will save you time. The days of spending an hour or more watering your front and back yards are over. Instead, your system will do the work for you in the morning, even if you are not at home.

Your plants and lawn stay healthier.

East Tennessee’s weather is unpredictable year after year, and there is no way to guarantee that your landscaping will receive enough rainfall and the proper nutrients. However, when you use our sprinkler system, you can ensure that your yard will receive the appropriate amount of water year-round.

Deciding that you want to add an irrigation system to your home is an excellent investment. Before we can price your system, we’ll come to your property and survey the area. When we do, we’ll explore and sketch out your property and find all water sources. After we do this, we’ll talk to you about the best solution for getting your lawn looking its best.

From there, we’ll determine the right system for your property. Factors we take into account are property size, landscaping needs, underground obstacles, the variation of shade and sun exposure, and the type of soil on your property. Finally, we will design a plan specifically for your yard and your needs. 

Please keep in mind that an irrigation system is an investment and, when installed correctly, is a wonderful one. If you’re getting quotes from companies across town, you will not want to go with any that are wildly cheaper than the rest. Cutting corners to save money often costs you more in the long run. At Rainscapes, we have decades of experience designing and installing efficient and effective irrigation systems. Reach out to us for more information and a personalized quote. We’re here to help keep your yard as beautiful and luscious as possible.

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