Exterior Lighting Adds Security and Enhances Curb Appeal

Exterior Lighting Adds Security and Enhances Curb Appeal

Now that winter is upon us, the season presents new challenges to keeping your house properly lit. One way to increase the safety and aesthetics around your home is to install outdoor lighting. Winter is the perfect time to install outdoor lighting with less demand for outdoor activities. Outdoor lighting around the home can enhance security and accent the unique features of a home or landscape which adds tremendous value and curb appeal to a property.

There are two types of outdoor lighting: low voltage and high voltage. Low voltage is popular for residential installations due to decreased safety issues and ease of installation. Homeowners also can save more time and money by having a professional install outdoor lighting without the worry of errors that can cause shorts, electrical fires, electrocution, and more.

Professionals review wattage, voltage drop, cable sizes, fixtures, and bulb selection in addition to how the landscape will mature over time. Professionals also are experienced in installation techniques.

A typical lighting system can be installed in one to two days and there is no need for a homeowner to be home all day while the outdoor lighting installation occurs since all of the work can be handled without the need for access to the interior of the home. Rainscapes provides design, installation, and service for new and existing lighting systems. For more information on outdoor lighting and Rainscapes’ services, please visit www.rainscapes.com or call (865) 981-4270 to schedule an appointment.


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