Drainage Solutions
Backyard drainage problems

Drainage Solutions

The rainy season in East Tennessee runs from January through July and includes December. Typically, May is the wettest month, averaging five inches of precipitation. Especially during the sunny summer months, rain is a good thing. It helps rehydrate your lawn, flowers, and gardens and allows the world to function as it’s supposed to. But, for homeowners and business owners, too much rain isn’t always favorable. 


Too much rain can turn into standing water or overflow and can wreak havoc on buildings. From mosquito and bug infestation to structural or foundational damage, too much water can severely harm structures, whether your business or your home. 


Some issues around your home are hard to spot. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that you may have a drainage problem: standing water, erosion, and rotting. 


Standing water or puddles of water occur when the water has nowhere to go. For example, in your shower, you may experience clogged drains and standing water when too much hair or soap blocks the drain pipes. This same problem can happen in your yard when rainwater has no place to drain. As soon as you notice standing water, call us. The faster we can get to the root of the problem, the better.


Many homeowners are eager to fix their drainage problems themselves and can make matters worse; for instance, erosion or rotting can occur if water removal is done incorrectly. Instead, call the experts who can find the best solution to drain or relocate excess water. 


At Rainscapes, we know that no one wants to deal with water pooling in your yard. Call us immediately if you notice any puddles of water, rotting, or mold. Our technicians are NDS-certified contractors for drainage and are expertly trained in evaluating trouble spots and designing and installing solutions to aid in your drainage problems. Sometimes the answer is as simple as unclogging gutters. Occasionally, we need to develop an entirely new drainage system that works for your home’s specific needs. Whatever your particular case, we’re here to help get your drainage problems under control. Rainy days are calming and have been proven to increase productivity. Don’t let drainage worries take that away.

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